Family mediation

If you are looking for a slightly different way to approach your divorce or separation and want to resolve matters without going to court, mediation may be the answer.

Mediation is not marriage guidance or counselling, rather it is a confidential voluntary process during which you and your partner will meet with an independent mediator who will help you work out the details of your separation – whether they involve your children, your property and/or your finances.

By providing a safe and impartial setting, mediation reduces the tension, anger and misunderstanding that often derails the conversations had by separating couples and provides a situation where agreements can be reached. 

There are many benefits of mediation; you retain total control on outcomes staying with you, the solutions involving your children are tailored to your circumstances rather than generic and a consensual agreement is more likely to be kept to which makes future dealings with your partner much easier. 

However it is also important to note mediation may significantly reduce legal costs by bringing about agreements in weeks rather than months or even years.

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