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Employee Ownership

Employee Ownership

Hedgeholding - the Hedges Law Employee Ownership Scheme

In May 2021, Hedges Law became Employee Owned. This means that each one of our forty-plus employees is now a part owner of the business we are all so proud of.

Hedges has an incredibly long history that spans four centuries. We've been around for two World Wars, 62 Prime Ministers and nine Kings & Queens... But we wanted to show that despite our history and the hundreds of years we've been around, innovation and excellence is at the heart of what we do.

So how does employee ownership fit into that? Nicola Poole, Hedges' Managing Director explains her decision:

“Employee owned companies tend to excel in engaging employees, who in turn drive performance, innovation and service excellence, with the opportunity to share in the wealth they create. Employee owned businesses promote fairness and economic resilience – things that we need now more than ever as we recover from the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic."

The decision to become employee owned has been extremely well-received by Hedges employees - or Hedgeholders, as we now call ourselves. Sarah Baker, who has worked for Hedges since 1999, describes what Hedgeholding means to her:

"Being a Hedgeholder means that each and every person, no matter what job they do, can really make a difference and is completely valued... The Hedges family is stronger than ever and the clients are only going to benefit from that and also feel a part of something brilliant.  In all the years I have worked for Hedges, and through many, many changes, becoming a Hedgeholder feels like the biggest, most positive leap forwards, and there is absolutely nowhere I would rather be.  I am so excited for the future."

What exactly is employee ownership?

Employee ownership provides an alternative to traditional business models, one which benefits all employees. Understandably, it is a growing sector.

From a business perspective, EO offers heaps of benefits. EO businesses achieve more growth and can be more profitable, they're found to be more resilient and agile, and better at weathering economic challenges.

But it's not just the businesses that reaps the rewards. Employee owners are found to be happier, more engaged and collectively more productive. Their businesses are popular in their communities, have a reputation for being trusted, and are attractive to those seeking employment.

This structure fits in perfectly with Hedges' core values of caring, giving back, and taking pride in all we do.

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