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Whether you're a large landowner interested in buying, selling or letting agricultural land or an individual wishing to rent a few acres, Hedges' experienced property team can assist you.

Hedges have been delivering legal services to the farming industry for over 225 years. We have agricultural based clients across Oxfordshire and beyond and as a result, have an intrinsic understanding of our agricultural clients’ requirements and expectations. Our clients are mainly private individuals, farm partnerships and small companies engaged in agriculture or holding land for investment purposes.

We work closely with our colleagues in Hedges' private client team, who provide specialist tax planning and succession advice for farmers and landowners and much of our work is generated by clients’ desire to minimise their liability to tax and plan carefully to safeguard their assets for the next generation.

We also work alongside our dispute resolution team so that if things aren't going as smoothly as you'd like and a problem has either arisen or is brewing, we can step in. We recently successfully resolved a dispute for one of our farmers over a solar panel contract. We can conduct negotiations, provide mediation or where necessary take or defend court proceedings on your behalf.

When it comes to Agricultural Property we can help you with:

  • Transfers of land, including single farm payments
  • Rights of way and rights for services
  • Sporting rights such as the right to shoot or fish
  • Leases of mobile telephone masts
  • Farm business tenancies
  • Commercial leases of farm buildings and stables
  • Registration of land
  • Selling, purchasing and letting of farm cottages
  • Planning agreements
  • Mortgages and charges over land
  • Grazing agreements
  • Livery agreements

We're always happy to have a preliminary chat about what your legal requirements might be. Do give us a call or drop us an email.

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