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Children Disputes

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Children Disputes

Few things in life can be as emotive or as difficult to resolve as a dispute involving your children. As a parent, you'll be looking for solutions that meet the best interests of your children, but when emotions are running high and the issue in question is something, or someone, so close to your heart, it can be really hard to be objective and make the right decisions.

Wherever your children are involved it's essential you’re able to call on expert, down to earth and objective advice from someone who both understands and has extensive experience in this most sensitive area of law.

Our expert family lawyers will provide you with sensible and timely advice as well as offering emotional support if you need it. Gaining an impartial and external perspective on your situation can be invaluable at this time, giving you the information you can use to ensure your children are properly provided for, enjoy the living arrangements that best suit them and have the correct level of ongoing contact with both parents moving forward. We work with a range of trusted partners who can give additional assistance along the way too, such as resilience coaches, counsellors, children experts and financial advisers.

At Hedges our aim is to put everything back into focus. Once clarity’s been restored, we will work with you to find the right solution. In the first instance we’ll always look for a settlement reached by agreement where possible but if all else has failed, we will apply to court for the appropriate orders. You can rest assured that we have a proven track record of excellent court outcomes for our clients in this area. There are some occasions when a child’s safety is in issue and emergency court orders are needed; our highly experienced team of family lawyers can all make emergency applications to court, the same day if necessary, to ensure your child’s safety is legally protected.

To find out more about how we could help and advise you on matters concerning your children please e-mail or call one of our family solicitors on 01865 594265.