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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

While it can be argued that feelings often run high in families, there are situations in which a relationship has gone past what could be termed ‘emotionally charged’ and entered a pattern of control, abuse or violence.

We understand abuse can be mental, financial, emotional, physical or a combination of all of these. You may be suffering from unacceptable behaviour like threats of violence, threats of being forced out of your home or threats of your children being taken away. It may that a former partner or admirer is stalking you.

The abuse you're suffering may be more subtle: indeed there' is a new law in place that at long last criminalises controlling and coercive behaviour which might provide protection to you. Or you may be being forced to endure a prolonged pattern of repeated violence, physical or emotional abuse at the hands of your partner.

In some cases – if you act quickly and decisively - the abuse can diffused by a lawyer’s letter before more formal action is needed. Such a letter can outline the steps that will be taken if the abuser doesn't cease immediately. In others, we may be able to help you to get the police on board to stop what's going on.

If a letter doesn’t work or tougher action is required, there are a range of protective orders we may be able to obtain from the court on your behalf. We can do so on a same-day emergency basis where necessary and will advise you exactly what legal steps are necessary to keep you – and your children - safe and free from the threat of harm.

We provide all of this support in confidence and with the empathy and compassion you need to resolve an abusive situation.

If you are in abusive situation, and need help and support, please email one of our specialist solicitors at or call us on 01865 594265.