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Financial Arrangements

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Financial Arrangements

A dispute involving money can so often be tricky to resolve. Following a divorce or separation, when emotions may be raw and communication lines frayed, it can be even more difficult.

When looking at the division of matrimonial or family finances on divorce or separation, your first objective has to be to identify what your legal entitlement and obligations are. You’ll want to explore what your options are and have trust in your advisor to give you the very best advice and support to reach the right outcome for you and your family. These may well differ greatly depending on whether you are married or not and what documentation is already in place.

At Hedges our family solicitors are highly experienced in this field. We will always strive to help you consider the best way to reach an agreed financial settlement. We consider which of the available resources may work best for you, whether that’s mediation, collaborative law or negotiation via solicitors. We know that most of our clients would far prefer to reach amicable settlements with the minimum of delay, emotional impact and, of course, cost.

We recognise that there are some situations where an amicable solution just isn’t possible and the protection or input of the court is required, sometimes very urgently. We have a superb network of trusted advisors to assist us in getting the right result for you, including specialist barristers, forensic accountants, tax advisors and business valuers. We have enormous experience in dealing with a wide range of financial cases, from multi-million pound complex asset cases to low or no asset cases where bankruptcy is involved. We've a proven track record in achieving very successful outcomes on behalf of our clients and can take on cases in local courts, London courts or internationally.

We also have a range of expertise to assist alongside your divorce or separation such as property services if you are selling or transferring a matrimonial property and wills specialists if you need to make or update our will on separation . If there are business interests that need to be sold, transferred or otherwise dealt with, we can handle all of that too. Our experts frequently deal with divorce and separation cases in which very significant business assets are involved.

To find out more about your legal entitlement and how we could help you reach the right financial settlement please e-mail or call one of our family and divorce law specialists on 01865 594265.