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Changing Your Will

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Changing Your Will

At a momentous and life-time change of life such as separation or divorce, it can be hard to think about much more than just getting through it all while you try to manage day to day life too.

We understand how stressful separation can be. But now really is a time when you would be wise to think about the future.

Its very likely that your existing will may no longer reflect your wishes for the future. The provisions you made previously as to the division of your personal and business assets, or as to guardians of your children, may need a complete overhaul.

Whilst the thought of yet more legal paperwork to go through at this time may be overwhelming, you can trust us to take the stress away and make it all super simple.

We can talk to the lawyer who is dealing with your divorce or separation, whether that's someone at Hedges Law or elsewhere, and get as much of the information from them as possible. We will listen carefully to what you want to achieve and draw up the new paperwork in a timely and cost-effective way.

So you can get on with the other important matters that need your attention, with peace of mind of knowing that your will is all in order.