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Family Mediation

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Family Mediation

If you have separated from your partner or spouse, or are thinking about doing so, there'll be a whole range of important decisions about your and your family's future that you're bound to thinking about. It can feel really overwhelming to even begin to think about where you go from here. The thought of going to court and 'battling it out' may horrify you.

Here's where we may be able to help.

Family Mediation offers you and your spouse or partner an opportunity to make these decisions and address plans for the future by sitting down together with a specialist Family Mediator. The Mediator's role is to help you communicate, work out the issues that need to be considered and facilitate these discussions with you both.

If mediation is appropriate, it really can be an excellent option to help you to reach agreement and make arrangements for the future.

Carrie is also a specialist Family Lawyer, and therefore has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you.

Call Carrie to explore whether Mediation would work for you on 01491 839839 for Wallingford or 01865 594265 for Oxford, or email her on