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Do you run a successful business? Are you looking to grow it? Have you considered franchising it or are you thinking about investing in a franchise of your own?

Our experts have a wealth of experience in dealing with both franchisors and franchisees on a wide range of issues related to franchised businesses, from setting up a franchise to selling it. We can identify the issues that franchisors and franchisees commonly face and how to protect yourself against the risk of them happening.

We also work alongside specialist accountants, intellectual property specialists, tax advisers and bankers who may be needed along the way. If things go wrong, our team of dispute resolution experts can advise you on how to resolve it, having previously helped both franchisors and franchisees in situations where franchise agreements have been breached.

We can help you:

  • Decide on the best corporate structure for you
  • Draft and review franchise agreements and associated documents
  • Secure premises for your business
  • Protect your brand
  • Buy a franchised business
  • Resolve any disputes your franchise becomes involved in
  • Sell your franchise

We're always around for a friendly initial chat over a coffee so do give Carl Selby a call on 01865 594265 or email

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