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Resolving Disputes

Resolving Disputes

Life doesn't always run smoothly. We know that. Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation you just can't resolve on your own. That's where our specialist team of dispute resolution solicitors can step in to assist.

We offer a really wide range of expertise across most kinds of disagreement. And these days, the emphasis is always on looking for a solution, rather than just focussing on a fight. We will listen carefully to really understand the problem you have and the way you'd like to solve it. Then we'll apply our experience and legal knowledge to let you know, in plain english, where you stand and what your options are.

We can offer a variety off possible solutions, from writing letters and negotiating on your behalf, to a round-table meeting, to mediation, to if its the only way, making an application to court. If you find yourself served with court papers, and need urgent advice on what to do next, do call us straight away. We know that swift action may be vital in this instance and our team can move quickly where needed to help you. We''ll avoid legal jargon and be really clear with you about legal costs: 'how much' can seem like the scariest question to ask a lawyer, but one we are never afraid to answer.

For a preliminary chat with one of dispute resolution specialists, call us on 01865 594265 or email