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Property Ownership Disputes

Property Ownership Disputes

Here at Hedges we've been providing property advice to our clients since 1789. Whilst the world has moved on almost beyond recognition since we first opened our doors, one thing that hasn't changed is that disagreements over property ownership can and do quite frequently happen.

Our specialist lawyers have expertise across a whole range of property disputes. Whether your property is owned jointly with a spouse or life partner, or its with a family member, friend, or other associate, we will be able to assist.

We'll take a careful note of the history of the property ownership and use our experience and knowledge of the up to date law to advise you of your rights.

We can advise at a very early stage to head off possible conflict, stepping in early to look at strategically bring an end to difficult situations before they escalate. Where that isn't possible, we can look at a range of options to deal with a dispute. The reality is that very few people ever want to litigate on property issues: the delays, stress and cost can just be too high. Options such as round table meetings, mediation or arbitration can provide out of court solutions. And if litigation is the only way to sort things out, we have a proven track record of great court outcomes for our clients.