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Surrogacy & Adoption

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Surrogacy & Adoption

There can be little doubt that a child can bring love and life to a household. Few would deny that its a life-changing journey too. For some childless couples or individuals hoping to have a family, adoption or surrogacy can be their best and indeed chosen option. The process of starting a family this way can be immensely rewarding, but can also bring with it many challenges.

One of the biggest things prospective parents should consider when seeking a child through adoption or surrogacy is that it's usually a very long process from start to finish. It could be 18 months, sometimes two years or more—before you'll be able to bring your child home with you. Worth the wait? Absolutely. But as they say in the Girl Guides: Be Prepared!

It is best to get ready for a long waiting period, as well as for the costs and legal requirements ahead. Its critical to make an honest evaluation of your family's needs and to take legal advice right at the outset so you understand the various options and what each process involves .

Our expert family lawyers can meet with you at an early stage of your planning, and talk everything through. Once you decide that adoption or surrogacy is indeed the right course of action for everyone involved, we can be there to advise and/or represent you throughout the process.

We also have a team of specialists working alongside our family lawyers who can help with important accompanying issues such as making new wills and inheritance planning, appointing Guardians and maternity & paternity in employment.