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If you are a prospective parent or potential surrogate considering the possibility of surrogacy, you need the peace of mind of knowing that legally, everything is in order and properly done. Creating a family through surrogacy is extremely special, and at Hedges Law we feel privileged to be trusted by our clients to act on their behalves.

We can advise and act for surrogates, as well as those who are commissioning (or considering doing so) the use of  a surrogate. At what can be an intensely emotional time, often fraught with worry, we can guide you through the legal complexities with information and advice.

It is best to take advice to understand your legal position as early as possible. If you know what the legal requirements are and what steps you need to take here, and in the case of an international surrogacy, in the country in which your child is born, things are far more likely to run smoothly.

We work with clients  on the following aspects of their surrogacy arrangements, whether domestic ie in the UK, or international:-

  • Planning the surrogacy, including preparing surrogacy agreements.
  • Securing parental rights after the birth of the child by obtaining Parental Orders. A parental order is a legal method of transferring parenthood from the surrogate mother (and her partner, if she is married) to the intended parents of the child. Parental orders must be applied for between six weeks and six months after the child’s birth and as that time cannot be extended, getting timely advice is absolutely essential.
  • Protecting the family’s future through the creation of specialist Wills for those entering surrogacy arrangements.
  • Advising on employment rights such as maternity leave.
  • Liaising with immigration experts on any matters that come up in that regard.

To speak to one of our specialist family law solicitors about surrogacy arrangements, call 01865 594265 or email