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Welcome to Our New World!

Welcome to Our New World!

Today we closed our offices. And I couldn't be more excited.

For years I wondered why working hours had to be 9 to 5; why we all sat for hours each day in commuter traffic; why we had to wear a suit to work properly; why we all knew how to send work emails on a Sunday but none of us were going to the movies on a Monday; why agile and flexible working wasn't deemed suitable for lawyers; why being a great lawyer and a great parent were somehow mutually exclusive. Well guess what? No more wondering needed...

Hedges Law is now a fully agile, remote-based business. We can work any time, anywhere, on any device. We'll continue to provide legal services to meet the needs of our clients, but in the way that suits their and our lives. Our clients can meet with us online, at one of our two new business hubs in Oxford or Wallingford, or wherever they jolly well want! Our 21st century way of working might mean that we're low on suits and ties but trust me, we're terrific at delivering law in the way our clients want it!

Welcome to our new world: we can't wait to see you there.

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