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Carrie RudgeSolicitor & Mediator - Family Team

Carrie Rudge

Carrie Rudge

Solicitor & Mediator - Family Team

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Carrie's Family Law Practice

I'm an experienced family lawyer, having qualified in 2005 after completing my degree in Cardiff and Legal Diploma in Oxford. Having gained experience in Oxford, Reading and London I joined Hedges in 2015 and I’m proud to be part of such an excellent family team. 

I help my clients through divorce and separation, in particular resolving how best to divide finances. My particular area of expertise lies in working with directors and company owners, particularly where family businesses and business assets have been built up during the marriage. Owning a company and getting divorced can bring a lot of additional concerns for people and I’m experienced and skilled at working through this with my clients. 

I enjoy working with clients who want to keep matters as amicable, timely and cost effective as possible. I keep focused on achieving the end goals for my clients for the least amount of cost and emotional upset as is possible. Although I understand it can be tempting, my 15 years experience in family law has taught me that taking an unnecessarily aggressive approach rarely serves clients and their children well in the long run.  

If you would like an initial discussion about how I might be able to help you please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 01491 839389 or email me on

Carrie's Mediation Practice

I'm an experienced family lawyer and mediator.

I’m driven by my passion to help my clients achieve the best possible outcomes in a way they can look back on and be proud of.

I trained as a family mediator because I am passionate about giving separating couples a chance to make decisions in a more amicable, quick and cost effective way. making decisions together, rather than having them imposed, gives them a far greater chance of being workable.

Going through separation and divorce can be incredibly difficult, and some big decisions often need to be made: how much time the children spend with each parent; what will happen to the house and where everyone will live in the future. There are a number of options as to how these decisions are made: agreeing things direct; sitting down together with a mediator; doing everything through lawyers or asking a Judge to decide at Court.  

Why do my clients choose mediation?

  • It helps separating couples to be more amicable and work together to make decisions.
  • Mediation can be much quicker because there is no waiting for months for a Court date.
  • Control over decisions is retained, rather than handing them over to a Judge.
  • The cost of mediation can be significantly less than doing everything through lawyers, in some cases tens of thousands of pounds less. 

Why do people choose me?

  • My mediation process is designed to give mediation the best possible chance of success. 
  • I care that my clients reach decisions through mediation because I strongly believe it is in their interests to try to do things amicably, at lower cost and to retain control over the decisions.
  • I am also an experienced family lawyer so I have the expertise to provide lots of information about options. If a legal document is needed, I can ensure we cover everything we need to go into that legal document, and in some cases we prepare the legal documents together.
  • I am a trainee psychotherapist which supports my mediation practice and will continue to improve the way I work with my clients.  

Favourite Quote

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." – Albert Einstein 


  • "Has proven herself to be extremely capable at handling financial remedy cases – she is thorough and well organised" Legal 500​