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Claire Cox

Claire Cox


I am originally from Wiltshire, but have lived in Cheltenham since 2013. I studied Law at Cardiff University and qualified as a solicitor in 2009.

I come from a long line of twins (myself, my mum and my grandmother were all twins!) however, I was quite relieved to have two singleton pregnancies and my daughters Alice and Edie were born in 2016 and 2019 respectively. They are my pride and joy! We also have a cat, Freddie, but he now only comes in to eat his meals (or occasionally drop off a dead rodent) as he doesn’t enjoy being chased by a toddler.

I have been a litigator since 2009 and consider myself to be pragmatic, thorough and approachable, but tenacious. I pride myself on my ability to build strong and lasting relationships with my clients, and I place a great deal of importance upon being a personable lawyer who my clients can quickly place trust in.