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Mike Paton
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    Mike Paton

    Non Executive Director

    Having worked with Hedges in a consultancy capacity since 2013, Mike was formally appointed as a Director in 2016. He is the first non-lawyer Director in the firm's long history. As such, he brings to the business a great perspective and a range of positive attributes collected throughout the course of a long and enviable career in the commercial field.

    Mike is involved in a range of areas within the business, from finance, to HR & recruitment, and to business development. His overarching priority is to build stronger connections, both with our clients and associates, and with each other within the firm, so as to drive optimal levels of service and performance. Having spent several years working in industrial relations in South Africa, navigating the dynamic transition years, Mike believes firmly that good conversations lead to stronger connections, understanding and engagement.

    Having studied labour law and industrial relations at both degree and post-graduate level, Mike is an experienced negotiator, mediator and arbitrator.

    As a ‘hockey dad’ and supporter of The Oxford Blues and GB skater hockey teams, I especially love the thrill of the competition (even though its more watching now than taking part). In the off season, there is nothing I enjoy more than racing down a  trail on a mountain bike, or navigating a round of golf on a challenging golf course (brings out the inner Ryder cup in me!). I have an innate curiosity about strategies and I am always drawn to situations where intensity and strategy are required to rise to the top, so it will be no surprise that F1 also features for me.

    Favourite Quote

    "It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela