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Tarryn Skene


I have always been a self-sufficient hard worker, getting my first job at the age of fourteen was a sense of independence I quickly grew to love.

I have always believed hard work reaps high reward. This is especially true for my maternity leave! I recently became a mother and this new dynamic in my life has truly fulfilled me.

Watching my son learn and grow under my influence has been the biggest privilege anyone could ask for. I love taking him out to explore the world with me and cannot wait to take him on his first family holiday. Travelling is a huge part of who I am and what I love.

Having emigrated from South Africa to the United Kingdom I am an extremely cultured person. I am a frequent flyer on my time off and enjoy going to new places and trying new foods and experiences. 

Favourite Quote

My dad taught me his mantra from a young age: ‘Never lie, cheat or steal’ and it is something I stand by wholeheartedly as it embodies good values and a simplicity, which is who I am, uncomplicated and honest.