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Moving in Together

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Moving in Together

Moving in with a new partner is such an exciting time: a whole new start together in a new home. There's always so much to do: choosing furniture, blending your belongings, sorting out a mortgage or rental agreement.

But what so many people don't realise is that simply living together doesn't give you automatic rights to share property. There is in fact no such thing as 'common law marriage'. Contrary to popular belief, you're not automatically entitled to a share of your partner's assets after 3, 5 or indeed any number of years. You could live with someone for 25 years, pay half of everything yet not be entitled to a penny if you broke up.

It's really important therefore that if you're moving in with a partner, you take a moment or two to think carefully about protecting yourselves in the event tht it doesn't work out. Its not about being pessimistic or tempting fate: after all, taking our car insurance doesn't mean you know you'll crash your car! Our experts can advise you on how best to structure the property you buy, or how to deal with a rental property, in order to best protect you. We can offer suggestions you may well not have heard of, or advise you against steps you definitely shouldn't be taking.

You may need a Declaration of Trust, your name on the property deeds, a Cohabitation Agreement, or all three. Making a will when you are unmarried is probably the last thing you want to think about but trust us, it's absolutely essential. It can be really simple and quick to sort out, and will give you the peace of mind of knowing what would happen in tragic event of either of your death. Investing a small amount of time and money in the right advice now could save you both a fortune and a catastrophe later on.

Our teams work closely together to cover all bases for you: if you're not sure what you need, just give us a call and we'll be happy to chat.

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