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Contractual Disputes

Contractual Disputes

Business is built on trust. Whether you're a supplier, manufacturer, customer or agent, we all rely on agreements to know where we stand and to be able to enforce our rights, should things go wrong.

At Hedges, our Dispute Resolution team are well versed in all types of business dispute, including breach of contracts. We have helped people enforce contracts to get paid, including non-payment under a construction contract, to non-payment of commission owed to an agent in the Philippines as against a global sugar brand."We have also had recent success in assisting individuals in negotiating an exit from onerous and complex timeshare agreements."

Although disputes often boil down to well-established legal principles, sometimes the subject matter can be complex and require a more forensic analysis of the facts and law.

At Hedges we pride ourselves on being commercially aware and recognising our client's desire for certainty, a clear analysis of the costs and risks, and the ability to take control of the process and steer it towards a conclusion.

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