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Property is never really just about walls and floors: here at Hedges we know that. We recognise that property can be one of the most important things you own and that protecting it for your loved ones, and maybe also for the next generation, can be of critical importance to you.

We also recognise that families these days can be very complex: like many of our clients, you may well have been married more than once and have children, step-children and grandchildren, from each. You may not wish to leave your share of a property to your partner, but want to give them the right to live there for the rest of their life, before the property passes to your children.

You may be worried about needing nursing home care in the future and the Local Authority forcing a sale of your home to pay for it. Whilst you cannot transfer property to relatives to avoid paying care home fees, you may be able to make provision in your will for your half share of your home to be put into trust for your children, to protect that share.

Many parents are looking for ways to help children get onto the property ladder without transferring large capital sums to them outright. Using a trust to fund the purchase of a property can be tax efficient and a relatively cheap arrangement.

Our specialist lawyers will listen carefully to what you want to achieve and advise you on how best to do so: it’s our job to help you choose the right arrangement for you and ensure that the intentions you express will work on a practical and a legal level.

It’s all part of the way in which we can help you to plan for the future. We’ll make it as simple as it can be and we promise to explain options, costs and legal terms in ways that work for you. Together, we’ll put in place the arrangements that will give you reassurance and peace of mind that your affairs are in order and your assets protected.