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Moving Home and Downsizing

Moving Home and Downsizing

As you reach retirement age and beyond and perhaps your family grows up and flies the nest, you may well find yourself thinking about selling your home and downsizing.

It maybe that you want to release money to gift to younger generations of your family, as part of your inheritance and tax planning. It could be that you simply don't wnt to the cost and burden of maintaining a bigger house that you no longer fill. Or it could be the case that you need to release cash to provide a fund to live on.

One other reason to sell up may be to raise funds to pay for residential care.

It’s always going to be a big decision, we understand that. And neither do we underestimate the enormous task of packing up years of possessions and memories. So when you come to see us to talk things through, you can expect an empathetic ear as well as pragmatic and legal advice.

We’ll understand your position, whether you are the home owner who's thinking of making the move, or if you are the child or other relative of an elderly homeowner.

Our team of private client and residential property lawyers will work closely together to help you consider the various options, both practical and financial.

And if, after we’ve talked it all through, you decide that a house sale is the right option, we’ll make that happen at the same time as preparing any of the documentation needed to carry out your later life planning.

For a preliminary chat or appointment, call Rachel Dullforce in our Wills and Estate Planning team on 01491 839839. If an email's easier, drop us a line: