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Following a Bereavement

Following a Bereavement

When someone close to you dies, the time will come for their affairs to be sorted out. Whatever your part in this – whether you’re the appointed executor of the Will, a friend, or a family member – we’re here to help get you through it at what is undoubtedly a very painful time.

There may well be all sorts of legal issues to be dealt with, but don’t worry if they seem unfamiliar. It’s our job to explain it all to you and to make sure that the administration of the estate is carried out correctly.

We’ll work very closely with you so that assets are collected and distributed to the right people. Our expert lawyers will help you sort out Inheritance Tax liabilities and any debts payable by the estate. We will obtain Probate if that is required, or advise you on how to do that yourself.

We can sort out urgent matters such as securing property and protecting assets and we can deal with third parties on your behalf such as banks, tax authorities, the local council and so on. If you need assistance with the sale or transfer of property, land or other assets, we can look after all of that too. 

We can also help with the more involved matters, such as completing the Inheritance Tax return, dealing with tax in the administration period and the preparation of Estate Accounts.

Our aim is to give you practical and immediate help with any urgent matters that need attention, and to then make the administration and division of the estate as easy,  stress free and straightforward as it possibly can be for you at such a difficult time.

To contact our friendly and experienced team, and for a free initial discussion, please call Rebecca Kashti on 01865 95 3921  or email