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Inheritance & Tax Planning

Inheritance & Tax Planning

It’s never too early to start planning for the future. Hard as it is to think about, we should probably all be thinking about how to share out hard-earned assets on our death and putting it down in writing.

But on the positive side, this means that we can also then think about how to minimise the inheritance tax and other liabilities that your loved ones might have to pay at that time. Because, like it or not, inheritance isn’t always the positive thing you might think, especially if it hasn't been planned for in the right way. With the right advice of course,  it can work really well for everyone.

Inheritance Tax is sometimes called a voluntary tax, not because you don't have to pay it if its due but because you can take steps in your lifetime to reduce or remove the tax liability.

Do talk to one of our legal experts. All our specialist team have experience in helping with Inheritance Tax planning. We’ll explain how you can plan your estate, arrange for particular protections to be put in place for family members, and set up appropriate gifts and trusts that will serve your interests and those of loved ones. . We can also advise about the reliefs available and likely liabilities.

We won’t expect you to know the legal terms or the tactical options, so don’t worry about being bamboozled; that’s not the way we work. We won’t throw the choices at you and expect you to make decisions by yourself, either. By understanding your situation and your hopes for the future, we’ll be able to guide you towards the best plan for you. And we’ll help shape it and get it up and running. 

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